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Here at Solution Token, the benefit of our users - who we hope will span across all kinds of humanity - is our priority. We hope to earn your support by sharing our vision: what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how we will accomplish it. For more technical details and hard numbers to help you make the most well-informed decision possible.

Solution Token


Solution Token prides itself on the platforms that we provide. These are the pieces that together form a Solution. Our goal is to aid causes to help solve humanitarian issues and disasters around the world. Solution’s platform will be widely based around real world uses, with four out of the five concepts directly applicable to the real world. These three are the humanitarian program, Water Solutions, and interactive gaming. The only concept that does not directly interact with the physical world will be the Solution Wallet.


Entrepreneur Solutions

The marketplace that solution will feature will allow entrepreneurs to start up their own production business whereas they can create products to sell through crypto payments such as BTC, ETH, NEM, LTC, and SOLV. We want to allow people to be able to sell technology, retail and all sorts of products from all industries that meet legal requirement within their country of jurisdiction. This will give small business owners to create a form of income stream within the crypto market.

Operation Humanity

Operation Humanity is what Solution believes will set the standard for all donations of any sort in the future - for 100% donated funds to go directly to their intended recipient. Building our donation module on a blockchain will allow people to make decentralised donations without having to worry about cuts and administrative fees from third parties


Street QRed Game

Street QRed will bring users a fun and interactive game within the cryptoverse. The peer to peer, skill-based game will allow players to level up, constantly growing and upgrading their character by participating in events and competitons for rewards. Players will also be able to generate an active income from their in-game winnings.


Water Solutions

Bringing crypto to the real world - breaking this barrier will help Solution soar to new heights, as well as bring the world closer to mass adoption. Solution has decided to create and market Solution bottles of water to stores worldwide. The benefits that consumers will get from purchasing a Solution water bottle will give this program a sure shot at success.


Solv Wallet

The SOLV Wallet will allow the users to hold Solution Tokens and generate KEY tokens - a secondary token with a capped, decreasing supply - through holding. The user will be given bonus KEY tokens for holding Solution Tokens, which will help stabilize Solution Token's value.

What Makes Us Unique?


Business Opportunities

Solution Token aims to provide new job and business opportunities in the cryptocurrency space, for people who wish to start their business in this ever growing industry. We want to make their start up as easy as possible for people to get involved with out over complicating the process.


100% Donations

Not only do we provide opportunities for entrepreneurs we also want to provide opportunities for people in need. Our goal is to give back so we want to revolutionise the set standard for donations. Here at Solution Token, we want to remove all administrative fees and costs so that your donations are completely transparent and cost free. Furthermore, because we are employing blockchain technology, misappropriation, embezzlement, and fraud are all but impossible. In simple words, you will be able to track your donation and see that one hundred percent of your donated funds reach their intended recipient - giving you the peace of mind that you deserve when doing a good deed.


Real World Implementation

Our platforms are based off of real world problems to provide a real world solution. As technologically advanced and innovative a time we live in, there are still issues in the world without real resolutions. Therefore, Solution Token has decided to tackle these problems through long term solutions instead of temporary fixes. Our technology will adapt as we move forward into moving the world forward.


Fiat Backing

While cryptocurrencies are advancing ever closer to mass adoption, they are not a mainstream, commonly accepted currency. Therefore, we have decided that we will not base the company purely on crypto but use both Fiat and crypto in correlation with each other. Doing this it will help the company deal with potential issues regarding finances in a smooth way without the obstacles that are exclusive to crypto. Since we are demonstrating real world implementation at our inception, it makes sense for us to have a fiat income stream to fund company resources and productivity.


Everyone's a winner

Everyone’s a winner! Let's think for a second, what's the best way to get everyone involved while simultaneously benefiting others, effortlessly? Our finding is that by having multiple correlated platforms we will be able to create a cross platform experience. By using one platform of Solution Token, it allows someone else to indirectly benefit from this use, even if they are using a different platform.


Giving back

Let's focus on giving back. Our main goal is to help those in need. Through the support and use of our platforms, users will help us create Solutions. For example, every time someone gets involved with our Water Solutions platform, such as by buying a simple water bottle, it allows us to not just gain fiat backing but help fund wells and clean water sources in places without running water. This is Solution Token’s way of paying it forward while simultaneously introducing crypto to the world.



We will be opening a merchandise store for you Solution masterminds #SOLVCREW! We plan to introduce clothes, stickers, posters, bags, you name it. What makes Solution merchandise special is that every item will have a unique QR code which you will be able to scan for fun prizes and even Tokens! These prizes can be used and redeemed on our other platforms, such as Street QRed or even SOLV Wallet. From the public's support, this will be one form of fiat backing for the company. We will also hold fun competitions and events that people can enter while wearing our merchandise.


Global Future Benefit

Moving to the future with new technology and innovators that are consistently evolving the world every day, Solution Token wants to not only stand among great innovators, but stand out. Our goal is to not only be a household name as a real world company or a crypto company, but as a brand. Solution as a brand will have more of an impact on the world than just being a crypto company. We want to make a difference, change the world in a positive way, and make a lasting impact.


User Benefit

You guys are legends! We make all this possible with you and you aren't helping us for free, not on our watch! So we have decided that by participation in any of our platforms or purchasing a product you will be rewarded in some way. Here are some ways that users can earn an income from us: Using and playing our game and receiving tokens from the game, holding Solution Tokens in our rewards wallet you will be generating KEY tokens every month, purchasing our water bottles or merchandise will give a chance to receive tokens and extra prizes.... Be sure not to forget the competitions that we run. Even just through participating in Operation Humanity, one special donor will be in a draw to collect a prize at the end of every quarter.


Peer to Peer

Our platform is focused on peer to peer action with minimal assistance from us, to be as decentralised as a platform can be. Allowing users to donate to their intended cause without us interfering. The only thing that we need to take part in is setting up the system for users to make the process possible.


Company Profitability

Having one hundred percent donations is great, but how long can a company sustain itself without a positive income stream?... Well, not that long. Solution Token has adapted a process in which we can still give 100% of donations without taking administrative fees! With multiple platforms of the company, we are able to create a positive income stream in both crypto and fiat currencies, which will help sustain the future of the company without finding our finances running out. Solution Token is here to stay for the future.


Real world & Crypto World

Solution token is here to break barriers, link together and create bridges that currently separated the two worlds. What's the difference? Well simple, Real world companies consist on one currency backing which is fiat currency such as the dollar, opposed to a cryptocurrency company that is built off the blockchain and backed by their own token, coin or currency. We will make it a norm that both fiat and cryptocurrencies will be useful to us and we will not neglect the use of them, as we are dependent on both to excel and also expand company productivity. We wish to set a sample for companies to follow in our way.


Token value growth is one of the major factors for the company’s stability as well as investor benefit. The general rule of token value growth is all about supply, demand, and where the tokens are initially placed. So what will make our token special whereas people will want to hold our tokens in the wallet as well as the company itself helping with coin stability?. The few factors that create this stability and rise for our token is that we will allow our platforms to be some form of token grasper. Most tokens post ICO that gets listed on to an exchange eventually becomes a trading token and people trade more with it than using it for the tokens actual purpose. For Solution Token we aim to create a multi platform token usability, so that peoples main focus will be to use it within the companies platforms than having it on exchanges. People will be purchasing, donating and many other uses of the token which will all go through the company instead of exchanges, this will prove that solution tokens will actually have a purpose and a use. More information is provided with in our whitepaper.

What's in it for me?

Our platform is based on a multi feature experience where anyone can use any part of our platform which they take a liking too from gaming to creating their own business. By doing so users of the solution platform will benefit in from creating a revenue stream, making their own business dream come through and also get involved with in the cryptocurrency market!

Join our Community!

Solution Token wishes you to join the community, this will allow you to interact with all team members and founders which you will be able to get to know each and everyone properly through out Solution Token's journey. You will also be able to interact with other members in the community, where you can share ideas and join forces to help each other in projects to come.

We base our community on trust, so here are the platforms that our main community will be based, follow the facebook link at the top to join our private group and become part of the solution crew, where you can have fun and interact with us and other #SOLVCREW members! Right below that you have the discord link where you can join that group for more in depth and technical questions and interaction for you technical wizzes. You can also find our other social media pages bellow!

The Team

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Andrew Ingram

CEO & Founder

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David Casciato

Global Director

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Micheal Gogarty

Communications Manager

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Mahar Hussain

Technical Lead

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Ali Zain

Lead Developer

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Tauqeer Hassan

Lead Software Engineer

Ali Zain - Head Developer

Christian Broderick

Team Lead

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Matthew Wolf

Global Director USA

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Eli Karadsheh

Chief Analyst

Ali Zain - Head Developer

Daniel Faraj

Marketing Manager

Ali Zain - Head Developer

Sean Liang

Editor in Chief

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Joshus Legaspi

Lead Graphics

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